// Nera

Interactive Installation

Six coups de des / Colazione in Barriera
Spazio Barriera (TO)  nov./dic. 2012

A large tub filled with black liquid – similar in color and density of oil – responds in real time to stress about using the word petroleum-oil. “Black” is a kind of semantic map that tries to define the areas in which the word is used, the virtual space of the web is taken as a field of study in which relationships develop around the word.
In the tank is re-created map derived from the survey, each time the word is “given” an air bubble explodes on the smooth reflective surface of the tank in correspondence with the semantic area in which the word has been identified.

The inability to display the material in a public place makes it necessary to investigate its representation with liquid colored black.
Oil, so indispensable in modern life, is paradoxically difficult to approach physically, just as happens in the economy, it is given a value (or its equivalent virtual representation) around which we build the values ​​of relations – economic and consequently social – derived from it.



Documentazione ufficiale @ Spazio Barriera (TO)