// La Gabbia

La Gabbia Videoinstallazione interattiva 2011

in esposizione a: – Tool Kit Festival 2011 – Venezia – mar.11

Svegliare le idee – Galleria Weber&Weber – Torino – apr/mag.11

Flussi 2011 – Teatro San Gesualdo – Avellino – ago.11

Nei Limiti – Castiglia di Saluzzo – Saluzzo (CN) – sett./dic. 11

Premio Celeste – Museo archeologico – Bologna – ott.11

Il Pagliaio. The Opening – Il Pagliaio – Roma – nov.11

Dance me to the end of love – SpazioBlue – Bologna – jan.12

“La Gabbia” (The Cage) is an installation that relies mainly on inner and innate human curiosity, on constant need to explore the unknown but foreseen possibilities. As in the Plato’s allegory of the cave, the shadows are the instrument through which the fire of our curiosity lights up. At the center of a darkened room, a birdcage hanging from the ceiling it’s lit only by the white beam of the projector and its shadow looms on the wall. Our intuition and prior experiences, suddenly lead us into the a sort of awareness. The cage reminds of it’s physical presence as well, but the space inside it’s empty. Our transposed image, identified in our shadow, creates a connection with the oneiric part of our being; the cage becomes the portal to access the world of untangible projections and spiritual knowledge. Our image becomes the reflex of our shadows. We are invited to uncover the bird’s presence through playing a game, a very simple game in which we just have to push the cage and shake it. The audience are made free to play with this untangible spirit and their immaterial shadows, and is only through physical actions and participation that they can link the two dimensions, the tangible and the untangible, disclosing the bird’s shadow, making them finally free to fly out of the cage. The ideas and thoughts raised by the viewer, fly out of the cage and translates into the shadow of a bird flying towards the newly acquired freedom.