// How to drink a glass of water

How to drink a glass of water
interactive installation

Arte Accessibile 12-15 aprile 2012
Spazio Eventiquattro – Gruppo Il Sole 24ore
Via Monterosa 91 – Milano

Allunaggi possibili 11 maggio/25 luglio 2012
Ca’ Zenobio – Venezia

Eccezione e la regola 24 Marzo/20 Aprile 2013
MUSPAC – L’Aquila

On November 1, 2011 the deputy of the Democratic Party Japan (DPJ) Yasuhiro Sonoda drank a glass of water from the reactors 5 and 6 central Fukushima.
The act was committed in front of the objectives of a packed press room, with journalists from around the world ready to capture the scenic place, it was a real performance, he also showed, at the end, the  empty glass up.

s mystification. f. [From fr. mystification]. – Distortion, mostly deliberate, of truth and reality, which has the effect of spreading misconceptions or biased judgments (Treccani – main italian dictionary 2011)

Drink a glass of water from undamaged reactors in Fukushima state with objective data does not mean that Japan is no longer contaminated water. But this does not mean it exposes, without declaring it implies, it suggests, creating confusion between objective data and public demonstrations.
The water contained in the glass of Sonoda was deionized but not drinkable. The performance was to create an opinion biased, mystifying fact of reality.
Like installing a glass of water the process of reworking the reality is reinterpreted in the relationship between the real object and its shadow. The object metonymic is just a glass of water placed at the center of a small table. The glass is illuminated from above by an undefined source of light, shadow visible on the table behaves in a strange way: it is unstable, moves and jagged as if it were subject to sudden light changes.
The shadow of the glass to constantly respond to changes in emissions of radioactivity detected in the vicinity of Fukushima Daiichi. The data precise and objective – found in Japan and distributed in real time over the network – is reinterpreted to provide a version of the representation of reality that turns every small change.
The case of the deputy Sonoda is only one example of how everyday reality is told and dramatized in many ways.
The work of auroraMeccanica offers the viewer a reflection both on the manipulation of reality is the possibility to use it responsibly and intelligent sharing of public information.
The willingness to learn is the starting point for critical analysis of the data, groped for the hoax to escape, to get closer to the glass and find that the shadows can also disappear.