// Esercito dei cubi

Esercito dei cubi is an audiovisual performance developed as a three-screen immersive projection that lasts about 30-40 minutes.
Geometrical moving Abstractions, generated by the arrangement of the dancing cubes, build a hyper-world where the eyes wonder to lose themselves. To avoid the fall in the oblivion of the inexistence, the cubes move to encounter the Time. So a war begins, born from the necesity of leaving a trace, trying to escape to an emptiness which the cubes are fated to. The war finally ends, taking the cubes, the time and the memory in a perpetual amnesia.
The production of the performance is completely based upon Open source softwares. like VVVV and PureData

Selected Concerts / Live Performances / Interview
- Celeste Prize 2011 Finalist – NewYork
- Best Elettrowave Group 2011
- Mapping Festival 2011 – Geneva
- Elettrowave 2011
- LPM 2011 – Rome
- Hiroshima mon Amour – 30 May 2010 Turin (IT)
- Streamfest – 14 / 15 August 2010 Galatina (LE)
- TEC ART ECO – 6 October 2010 Lugano (CH)
- Interview on MyMedia n° 25